Every Time.....
More Consistency
Four generatiions in the above photos and offspring from different dams.  Both dogs and bitches photos shown.

SnowCrest Akitas
The Best of Both Worlds
Kenta - 7 mo old puppy out of Glacier, bred by Thomas and Kiki Giesmann
Crush - 16 months
Blu - 10 months
W - 3 years
Phoenix - 2 years
Glacier - 3 or 4 years
Frankie - 20 months
Breeders have different objectives with their breeding program.  The key is to HAVE an objective for your overall program, in addition to specific breedings.  Each breeding should fit into the overall breeding plan or objective. 

When I started my objective was to consistently breed a sound dog that had overall balance with an emphasis in having consistently sound fronts, along with a nice typey head.. 

The pictures below illustrate the work I have done over the years to maintain committment to my overall objective.  At times, keeping the fronts I have bred for was at the detriment of something else, but I always figured it was better to chase something cosmetic than structural.

What I look for is a dog who has prosternum in front of it's body, one who has its' front legs under its' body to support it - not under its neck.  I look for width between the legs and a full chest, not a concave front when viewed front on.  I look for the shoulder to have a nice lay and not the rough bump over the wither when viewed from the side.  I also look for a dog who moves effortlessly while gaiting.  I look for a dog who does not burn calories to move at this gait.  At times I have been at dog shows and can hear the dog coming if I close my eyes.  That is not an effortless natural gait.  Something in the assembly is preventing that smooth gait. 
I went about my program in an unconventional way; one not understood by many, and one that angered some, but in the end I have accomplished my objective. 

I am now in the twilight years of my breeding program but can look back over the years and be satisfied that I accomplished my objective, in my own way, in my own time, and with my own determination.  i did have some supporters and for that I am forever grateful.  You know who you are. 

*NOTE:  None of these objectives should ever outweigh a healthy dog with a sound temperament.
Easy - 2 years