I saw my first Akita in 1990 while I was living in upstate New York.  A lady I worked with had four; two brindle and two white.  I thought they were the most beautiful and regal dogs I had ever seen.  Had I not traveled each week, all five days, I would have had my first one in 1990.  Due to my job constraints (travel) I was unable to get my first Akita until a fewyears later. His name is CH Samson. 

After going to shows for a couple of years I began to realize how very fortunate I am to have gotten the quality of dog I have my first time out.  Being a new show home and having a very young eye for a nice quality dog, I'm just starting to realize how fate was on my side.

My goal is to breed toward balancing type, temperment, structure/movement, and health.  At this point in my journey, my belief is that these traits should all be balanced to produce a well rounded Akita.

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